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Karin Dom plans to build a new modern complex

21 May 2018

Karin Dom plans to build a new modern complex

May 21, 2018

In the days before the Children’s Holiday we share a good news for all children with special needs and their families, for all partners and friends of Karin Dom from Varna and the country.

Karin Dom is planning to establish a new modern complex that will integrate social and educational, health and therapeutic services for children with special needs and their parents as well as a training center for specialists working in the field.

Karin Dom was founded by the diplomat and philanthropist Ivan Stancioff at a time when all plans for a family-oriented therapeutic center seemed more like dreams than reality. With the support of international experts, the trust of the institutions and the Municipality of Varna, thanks to the dedicated team and many donors, Karin Dom has become a benchmark for supporting children with special needs, for application of innovative methods and approaches.

From 1996 to 2017, Karin Dom has supported 2,255 children. In 2017, 373 families with young children from the city of Varna, the region and the country were included in the two social services: Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and Center for Early Intervention. The Training Center at the Foundation successfully trains specialists and students to Karin Dom’s good practices for working with children and families. In 2017 more than 1,000 specialists, parents and students from the country and abroad participated in trainings. New methodological guidelines and handbooks and other training materials were developed to help specialists and parents.

For the seventh year, Karin Dom supported families of children from 0 to 3 years of age with a social service that has no equivalent in Bulgaria – the Early Intervention Program. Since 2013, the services of the program are part of the social program of the Municipality of Varna, which recognizes the service as valuable for the community. The results are more than good for the children, and after leaving the program, 52% of the children involved do not need further treatment, specialized services or resource support at school. The service is now recognizable and sought by many families who have concerns about their child development.

The activity of Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration Karin Dom is carried out as a state delegated activity whose capacity in 2018 is already 60 children, and through additional sources of funding, such as corporate and individual donors, through projects, charity events, business, and paid services.

In recent years, more and more families from Varna and the country are looking for support from Karin Dom, and many professionals working with children with special needs are included in the training programs of the organization.

Karin Dom regards its public duty to support more children and families in need and be with them in the journey they have to go along with their parents. In order to meet all new challenges, Karin Dom’s management plans to open up a new bigger and more modern center in Varna.

The team of Karin Dom believes that through this new complex we will be able to change the environment in which the children with special needs in Bulgaria live, grow and learn. Karin Dom hopes with this big step to fulfill another dream and just as Mr. Stancioff 22 years ago, to meet the hopes, desires and needs of many children, parents and specialists.

For the realization of this project in our marine capital, Karin Dom has support of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Ombudsman Maya Manolova, the Mayor of Varna. It also relies on the community to recognize the cause and support the efforts of the organization of building such a modern therapeutic center, meeting the most up-to-date practices for supporting children with special needs and their families from across the country.

Photo: Karin Dom

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