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25 Years of the Karin Dom Foundation – a Book about the Journey, Support and Innovation in the Field of Social Services in Bulgaria

25 years Karin Dom Foundation – a book about the journey, support and innovation in the field of social services in Bulgaria with the support of the Municipality of Varna, which provided partial financial support for the publication of the publication through the Culture Fund.


The overall project aims to publish a book describing the history and path of the Karin Home Foundation – an organization established in 1996 by the philanthropist and hereditary diplomat Mr. Ivan Stanchov. The history of the family, in whose house Karin Dom has been housed since its inception, is closely connected with historical facts related to Bulgaria and Varna. Mr. Stanchov and his family have a significant contribution to our city – in terms of culture, history, public, social services. The book will describe the creation of the Foundation and its path – not just a story, but a retrospective of the process in which the values ​​of several generations of Bulgarians become the values ​​of one organization. This book will present the path of Karin Dom, as a bearer of organizational values ​​and culture, as a successful model for work in the field of social services and protection of the rights of children with special needs and their families, and will follow the development of civil society. Included will be: 25 interviews with people related to Karin Dom; 25 interviews with representatives of the current team of Karin Dom; 25 interviewed parents of children and young people helped by Karin Dom; 25 key moments in the history of Karin Dom; 25 goals and expected results. Karin Dom is an emblematic model for the development of social services in Bulgaria.


Daniel Penev is a journalist, English translator and freelance editor. Author of three books – “People who change Bulgaria” (AMG Publishing, 2019), “It depends on us” (AMG Publishing, 2020) and “Running to yourself” (AMG Publishing, 2021 – co-authored with ultra marathoner Krasi Georgiev). His articles have been published in Bulgarian and international media such as Club Z magazine, BBC Znanie magazine, and Balkan Insight. Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from the American University in Bulgaria and a master’s degree in international relations from Central European University. More information about his work can be found at


Implementation period

May-July 2021

Financed by

Varna Municipality

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Darina Raykova
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