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Karin Dom won a Project of the Year award

30 March 2012

On 29th of March the Tulip Foundation gave away the The Project of the Year awards for a seventh successive year. This year the awarded projects were chosen among 31 projects from all over Bulgaria – each of them is the result of the hard work of the motivated, passionate people working on it. All projects were targeting a positive change in the quality of living of groups in disadvantaged position.

The awards went to:

Project “Early Intervention to Prevent Institutionalization of Children with Disabilities” run by Karin Dom Foundation, Varna

Project “Contact Parents Network” run by Association of Patients with Facial Abnormalities and their Parents – ALA, Plovdiv

Project  „Let’s Better Protect and Take Care for the Health of Our Children Living Along the Danube River” run by Association of Danube River Municipalities “Danube”.

The nominated project were evaluated on the basis of criteria like achieved results, financial efficiency, innovative services, the possibilities for implementing the project in other areas of the country and others. This year the members of the jury that selected the best projects were: Ognian Donev, Chair of the Board of the Confederation of the Employers and the Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG); Sevda Shishmanova, Programme Director of the Bulgarian National Television; HE Matthias Höpfner, Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany; Daniela Petkova, Chef Executive Director, POC Doverie and Anna Zaharieva, Executive Director, FairPlay International AD. 

Karin Dom Foundation shares the prize prize with its project partners – Municipality of Varna, Social Support Directorate Varna – Child Protection Department, Maternity and Neonatal Ward of the Hospital “Prof. Dr. Dimitar Stamatov” – Varna (Obstetrics and Gynecological Hospital), Maternity and Neonatal Ward of the Hospital “St. Anna” – Varna (Regional Hospital) and the Colourful Future Association Varna – Breastfeeding support.

The award is a plastic especially made for the occasion by Prof. Georgi Chapkunov accompanied by a certificate.

You can read a more detailed article about the ceremony at Tulip Foundation’s website here.

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