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Karin Dom celebrates 15th birthday

22 June 2011

Over 300 children, parents, and friends gathered in the garden at Karin Dom for the 15th birthday of the center. From very early in the morning the team started preparing and decorating. The performance was named “The sea and the sailors”.

At 11 a.m. the festive performances began with an enthusiastic applause from the guests. Karin Dom Center received greetings from cadets attending the Naval Academy in Varna, students from Anton Strashimirov school, students from the Fourth French School of Varna, and also from parents and friends.

The center was also greeted by the Varna Regional Administration and personally by the mayor of the city, Mr. Kiril Yordanov. He wished Karin Dom many more successes and gave Mr. Ivan Stancioff a plaque on behalf of the Municipality of Varna.

The celebration continued with the cutting of birthday cake and treats for the children and guests.

Karin Dom is thankful to our students and volunteers, who helped us to organise the birthday event! Special thanks to Jakob Schwander, Janine and Mark Sowada-Reim!

Here is some numbers about Karin Dom Foundation since 1996.

Фондация Карин Дом В Цифри – 1996- June 2011

Number of children and families who used services in the period from 1996 to June 2011 – 1075

In this number:

  • Children from Varna town and region – 74%
  • Children from the country and abroad (Macedonia, Turkey, Greece, the UK) – 26%

Average number of children per month – 92

Average number of children per year – 147

Number of children enrolled into mainstream kindergartens and schools – 171
Number of trained organizations – 85

Number of organizations trained in early intervention – 12

Number of trained professionals from organizations outside Karin Dom – 645
Number of students in the period from 1996 to June 2011 – 1321

Number of volunteers in the period from 1996 to June 2011 – 310

In this number:

  • From Bulgaria – 160
  • From abroad – 150

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