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The “Water Therapy for Children with Disabilities and Developmental Problems” Program, Financed by the Municipality of Varna, is Underway

28 August 2023

Enrollments for the “Water Therapy for Children with Disabilities and Developmental Problems” program have ended with enormous interest from Varna families. Within just a few days of our call for entries, published on the Karin Dom website and our social networks, the places in the program were filled. The program covers 60 children who undergo a preliminary medical examination by a Doctor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine before being included in the program. The children already visit the pool with an individual work plan prepared by our specialist kinesitherapist – Teodora Lutskanova. In the pool, swimming sessions take place with an individual specialist trained to work with children with special needs in an aquatic environment. Parents welcomed the program and the opportunity for their children to attend water therapy at Karin Dom. Many of them share that they want the program to be sustainable and long-term.

“Swimming is extremely important to Nikki. Learning to swim is very important for his condition. For me, as a parent, it is most important not to waste time and to be able to get the child involved as early as possible and work individually with a specialist in the pool. I am grateful for this opportunity for my child and I hope such programs will become a priority and part of the long-term plan to support children with special needs in our city!”

Veselina Boyadzhieva, Niki’s mother

“Movement and water are important for Kalina’s development. Thank you! I learned about the program from the website of Karin Dom and I did not hesitate to enroll Kalina. We visited Karin Dom when Kalina was younger and I trust the specialists here. For children like Kalina, it is very important to be in close contact with water as it makes them stronger physically and emotionally. I hope there will be more such programs and more opportunities for our children!”.

Iliana Panchovska, Kalina’s mother

Who is the Program for?

The program is free and includes 60 children with special needs from 2 to 14 years of age. The swimming sessions are held in Karin Dom and aim to stimulate the physical and psychomotor development of children with movement disorders, autistic spectrum, various genetic syndromes through active activities in a water environment.

The swimming pool in Karin Dom

One of the great advantages of the new Karin Dom complex, which we are proud of, is the presence of a swimming pool to complement the children’s physiotherapy. Our team is joined by three swimming coaches who help children enjoy free movement in the water and practice their motor skills in a fun and gentle way through the water.

The swimming pool measures 4/9 m, water temperature 33 °C and is specially designed for children with mobility restrictions, it is equipped with a modern Hoist system – a functional and adapted system for moving children and people with disabilities, which allows more independent movement from the sanitary facilities and the changing room to the pool and back. This gives self-confidence and peace of mind to the child, as well as to the rehabilitator who will work in the pool.

The program is financed by the Municipality of Varna, Health Directorate.

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