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Karin Dom in Unicef’s compedium of good practices

22 October 2015

Karin Dom’s Early Intervention Programme was included in Unicef’s collection of best practices that help children under three years to grow up in safe and supportive family environment.

The book is a compilation of the most encouraging initiatives in the field of child abandonment prevention, which have been implemented and tested in Central and Eastern Europe. Unicef hopes that the publication will serve as a valuable tool in those countries and will facilitate the reforms at national level by pointing to the most promising strategies, concepts and practices.

Karin Dom’s practice can be found on page 100 of the document. 

Karin Dom Foundation has been developing the Early Intervention Programme since 2010. Currently, part of the service is funded by the Varna Municipality. So far our experience in this field has been shared with over 50 Bulgarian NGOs working with children with special needs and their families. In 2015, Karin Dom had the opportunity to disseminate its Early Intervention practice among 46 Municipal Centers for Early Intervention in Bulgaria – as part of a Social Inclusion Project.

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