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Karin Dom will conduct Early Intervention trainings in 48 Municipalities in Bulgaria

14 July 2014

Karin Dom made a contract with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and will train more than 840 specialists from all over the country.

On July 8th 2014 the contract was signed for carrying out trainings for the providers of the services “Early Intervention of Disabilities by Creating a Centre for Early Intervention of Disabilities” and “Individual Pedagogue Support for Children with Disabilities”. The purpose is the creation of a unified model for providing this type of services in Bulgaria.

The specialists from Karin Dom will work on a manual on how to provide early intervention services and will lead trainings for all of the newly established municipal centres in the Bulgaria.

The expected results are:

– successful adaptation of new approaches in working with babies and children up to the age of 7 years, who are in risk of developing a disability;

–  early individual support of the child and the family while still in maternity ward;

–  enhancing the knowledge and skills of the health professionals who work at the municipalities’ maternity wards and acquiring skills for communicating a diagnosis;

– the adaptation of an individual approach with children with disabilities who are about to enter school for the first time.

Participants in the trainings will be: 

  • members of 48 teams from the Early Intervention Centres,
  • more than 330 medical specialists, among which doctors from maternity wards, pediatricians, gynaecologists, GPs, midwives, nurses who work at maternity wards,
  • almost 200 people will be trained on the matter of providing an “Individual Pedagogue Support for Children with Disabilities”.

The trainings are part of the “Social Inclusion Project”, financed with a loan from the World Bank, wich aims to promote social inclusion through increasing the school readiness of children below the age of seven, targeting low-income and marginalized families (including children with a disability and other special needs).

Short movie about the essence of early childhood intervention

Learn more about the benefits of early intervention from leading Russian and American specialists in the short movie on Karin Dom’s YouTube channel.


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