» Taking Part in the National Conference in Child Neurology, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Taking Part in the National Conference in Child Neurology, Sofia, Bulgaria

29 October 2014

The National Conference in Child Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychology of Development was held between 23 and 25 October in Sofia. Among the participants were Zvezdelina Atanasova, Andreas Andreau and Stefka Tsvetanova – the Karin Dom team gave a poster presentation for the innovative Trampoline Therapy method. The method relies on the therapeutic use of a trampoline with the purpose of developing and encouraging the motor skills, the sense of one’s own body, balance, coordination and communication, through therapeutic exercice. The goal of this therapy is to adapt the individual abilities of the children and at the same time to use their past experience. The therapy also improves the physical health and independence. After an assessment, made by the specialists, the therapy is suitable for children with physical problems, children from the autistic spectrum, children with learning and coordination difficulties. It is very important for the activity to be fun, pleasant and to give each child the opportunity for success.

For the past year and a half, physiotherapists, rehabilitators and the rest of the team of speech therapists, psychologists and parents, have been successfully conducting trampoline sessions. Those sessions are part of the individual programs for children who visit Karin Dom.

Karin Dom shares its experience on the method by open trainings for parents and specialist. There will be a training between 12 and 14 November on the subject of “Therapeutic use of the trampoline”.

The head of the department in “Kinesitherapy and rehabilitation” at National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski”, Assoc. prof. Nezabravka Gencheva, Ph.D. showed special interest in the poster presentation.

The poster itself can be seen here (PDF in Bulgarian).

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