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This year Karin Dom becomes 20 years old!

24 February 2016

Hello friends!

We want to share with you all that this year will be more special for Karin Dom’s entire team. Because we reach the age of 20. Yes, Karin Dom becomes 20 years old! During these years we grew up along with our first children, evolved as an organization and as a team whose most important task is to work for the future of children with special needs and their families. For 20 years we have supported thousands of children and families and we have strived for every child to have their happy childhood, to take its rightful place in society!

We will celebrate our anniversary with many interesting events. A start was given with an emotional and exciting meeting of Karin Dom’s team with Mr. Ivan Stancioff where he shared:

“I am grateful to all of you! When I started 20 years ago with a small but very enthusiastic team of specialists, many people did not believe that we can achieve our goals. But today I see that we have achieved our dream – to support each child, to help build a better future for the children. “

Mr. Ivan Stancioff establishes Karin Dom Foundation with the idea of creating a new model of services for children with special needs, in order for the practice of abandoning them in institutions to cease. He is successful in convincing his family to provide the hereditary house in the Sea Garden of Varna for the purposes of the Foundation, which is named after Stancioff ‘s cousin Karin born with Cerebral Palsy. Mr. Ivan Stancioff remembers:

“My cousin Karin was fantastic, she was always ready to give and to consider the other person. I’m sure she and all my loved ones who watch us from a better place, are pleased with what is happening in this home of the Stancioff family – Karin Dom.”

Thanks to his charismatic personality and strong personal motivation to be of service of society, Mr. Stancioff attracts donors and comrades to support the cause. And even though he has withdrawn from his commitments as an Ambassador of Bulgaria in the UK, Mr. Stancioff continues to be an “ambassador of goodness” that can and should be done for the children.

“During these 20 years we all have become “ambassadors” of goodness in Bulgaria. Thank you for what you all are doing for the children! There are many more things that Karin Dom can do! “- said Mr. Stancioff.

“We are glad that 20 years later, Karin Dom is a model for services for children and families across Bulgaria and we can share our experience and success with all the people and organizations that offer support for children with special needs. We are happy to share our success with all of you and to tell you about some of our now grown children with whom our experts have conducted therapy, supported their families and enjoyed every progress. ” – added Karin Dom’s Executive Director Mrs. Mariana Nikolova.

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