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Cafe Societe for parents

13 December 2012

Club Cafe Societe organized three consecutive meetings for parents of children visiting Karin Dom and guests.

In the pleasant atmosphere of the Parents’ club in Karin Dom’s garden parents were presented some easily-applicable principles of a healthy and balanced diet. Parents also had the opportunity to get rid of the weekday stress with yoga and Chinese gymnastics.

Our first guest was Dr. Diana Naydenova. Dr. Naydenova is an assistant professor at the Department of Hygiene of the Medical University – Varna since 2003. Since 2010 she is also a certified nutritionist.

Dr. Naydenova answered the question “Why is it important to eat healthy?” and provided some basic guidelines for building a healthy diet. The nutrition specialist tuned our attention to individual foods and food groups that contribute to the full and varied diet. She used practical advices that could help the inclusion of healthy habits in everyone’s life.

At the second Café Sosiete meeting guest speaker was Sima Shah, who has been practicing yoga for a long time and is a yoga instructor now. She shares some of her knowledge on ayurvedic cuisine and lifestyle. She showed us exercises and breathing techniques, as well as some of the basic asanas (poses) in yoga. There was a discussion about different kinds of meditation techniques.

On December 7 our guest was Stancho Stanev. Mr. Stanev’s interest in the Chinese martial art Wushu led him to Chinese medicine, philosophy, calligraphy, and painting. He shared with parents and guests of Karin dom the basic guidelines and wisdom of the Chinese gymnastic Qigong (Chi Gun). The accent was on the positive emotions and thinking for coping and improving health. 

Parents felt happy and filled with positive energy from the presented practical tips and exercises that can be easily applied in everyday life.

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