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Dr.Christopher Williams – guest at Karin Doms Cafe Societe Club

2 July 2012

On 28 June 2012, an interactive lecture was led by Dr.Christopher Williams, a lecturer from the International education and research centre at the University of Birmingham, the UK. Dr.Williams has been a guest-lecturer in a number of countries worldwide. Among them are Switzerland, Jordan, Japan, Afghanistan, Korea, Lebanon, Croatia, India, Kuwait, Mexico etc.

Dr. Williams has led lecturers on the topics of innovative education, intercultural dialogues, environmental studies, social integration, human rights, democracy and many more. The topic of last week’s discussion was: “Crime against people with learning difficulties”. After the interesting presentation, Dr. Williams showed a documentary, which was created by people with learning difficulties. The movie shows the steps which have to be followed if a crime occurs against people with special needs. The movie can be seen at the following link:

Crime against people with learning difficulties”

The audience was particularly impressed with the follow-up effect that the conducted research led to: a change in the UK law, allowing people with special needs to be witnesses in court, simplifying the required legal procedure.In the Q&A section, Dr. Williams was asked how this change in law occurred: “Step by step, with perseverance and dedication. The change in public views happens both with the commitment at all institutional levels, as well as at an individual level.”

The next Cafe Societe meeting will be on 27 July 2012 at 6pm in the Art hall of Radio Varna. The guest lecturer will be Prof. Diana Gergova – a Bulgarian archaeologist with interests in Thracian archaeology. She has a number of publications related to the problems of Thracian history and religion. Since 2008 Diana Gergova has been a professor and a lecturer at Zheshov University, Poland, where she reads lectures on the topics of Bulgarian Archaeology and Thracian archaeology.

Cafe Societe is funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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