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Atanas Atanassov – guest at Karin Doms Cafe Societe Club

20 February 2012

As part from the initiative Cafe Societe one more public meeting with a famous person took place on 20th of February.

The special guest this time was the wonderful Bulgarian actor Atanas Atanassov. He is also a professor at the National academy for theatre and film arts – NATFA. Some of Atanassov’s most significant roles are in the movies Characteristic, AkaTaMuS, Emigrants, the TV series A home for our Children, House of Glass, etc. He has participated in many international productions as well.

From the very beginning the meeting with Atanassov became a discussion in which he was asked questions about charity, beneficence and also about his personal and professional experience. The question “What do you dream about? he answered like this “I have hopes, not dreams. The possibility of a hope becoming reality is much higher than that of a dream.” The actor also shared his thoughts about the importance of letting the people in our lives have their freedom. “If we let others to love us the way they want to, not the way we want, then most probably all of the conflicts will also disappear.

Atanas Atanassov talked about his work as professor in NATFA and said that for him it is “an incredible adventure and a pleasure to partner on stage with his students” 
A visit in an orphans center made Atanas Atanassov believe in people’s humanity again. He saw how many families were visiting the center and were talking and playing with the kids as if they were their own children.
With this initiative Karin Dom Foundation is aiming to bring the public’s attention to charity and to engage more people with the cause of the social inclusion of various vulnerable groups in Bulgaria. Karin Dom Foundation’s initiative discussion club Café Societe is funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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