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Cafe Societe: Advances Philanthropy

The project will advance private and corporate philanthropy and the culture of giving for good causes in Bulgaria. In this respect Karin Dom Foundation has several advantages: the personal example of involvement the founder and chairman Mr. Ivan Stanchioff, experience in fundraising acquired over more that 15 years of operation and well defined area to which donation are directed and where Karin Dom has developed strong expertise.

An informal Café Société Club will be established and regular discussions in Varna, Ruse and Targovishte will be held, featuring high-profile lecturers from the local community and from abroad. Periodically in an informal atmosphere o a cup of coffee an important public figure will give to the audience an inspiring talk that will motivate people to work in the public interest.

Participants in the discussions will be local businesses or active individuals, along with childcare professionals, teachers, doctors, artists, journalists, all of them well known as positive individuals. Topics might vary but center of attention will always be social inclusion.

Discussions will raise the awareness on the topics important to children and their families and will motivate participants to support the work of NGOs and childcare professionals.

Implementation period

8 July 2011 - 8 January 2013

Financed by

America for Bulgaria Foundation