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Ivan Stancioff is 92- Happy Birthday to the Bulgarian with a Big Heart!

1 April 2021

Ivan Stancioff at 92!
We wish him to be happy, healthy and continue to inspire with his personal example and life!

Almost a quarter of a century ago, returning to Bulgaria, Ivan Stancioff fulfilled a big dream of his – he created Karin Dom with a lot of love in some difficult times. Karin Dom is the embodiment of his love for children and the dream that every child will be raised with love, learn and have a happy childhood. Today, that bold dream lives on, evolving in sync with the changing needs of our society and offering support to children and their families.
The beginning was made 25 years ago, and Karin Dom’s dreams continue to be as bold and with a vision for the future.

Ivan Stancioff was born on April 1, 1929 in Sofia. He is the son of Ivan Dimitrov Stanchov (1897-1972) and Marion Mitchell Stancioff (1903-1994). He has three brothers and three sisters. The family was forced to emigrate from Bulgaria in 1943. for political reasons. Ivan Stancioff Jr. graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, USA. He served in the American Army (in the Bulgarian Company in Germany). He worked for IBM in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Paris, where he held managerial positions in the marketing research and sales departments. He is the vice president of ITEL and Storage Technology corporations in London. Ivan Stancioff is constantly engaged in charitable and socially beneficial activities. Founder, honorary member and lifetime ambassador of the idea and values ​​of the Karin Dom Foundation, founder of the Gavrosh House – Varna, etc.

Ivan Stancioff or Johnny as his friends call him is a philanthropist, traveler, gardener, dreamer and eternal optimist for whom nothing is impossible, he dedicates his life to the cause of children with special needs and inspires many followers to dream together for a better one world. Ivan Stancioff has lived abroad for many years, but he never forgot his Bulgarian roots, and in 1996 he created the Karin Dom Foundation in his ancestral house in the Sea Garden of Varna with one big dream – to have no children left in homes.

You can learn more about the beloved diplomat, philanthropist and amateur gardener – Ambassador Ivan Stancioff from the following links:

It is a great honor for us to know Mr. Stancioff and many times we have had the pleasure of learning from his experience and sharing common values.

Thanks for the inspiration, infectious kindness and enthusiasm! Thanks for believing that nothing is impossible and dreams should be followed!

Be very healthy, Mr. Stancioff, we love you!

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