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We Remember Ivan Stancioff with Love and Admiration!

25 November 2021

In memory of a great Bulgarian and a true Man, let us remember the lessons, wisdom and wealth in our souls that he left us!

Highly erudite, strongly connected to his homeland, regardless of the many years spent abroad as a political emigrant, Ivan Stancioff devotedly served Bulgaria, contributing with great zeal to the construction and popularization of its new and democratic image.

Rumen Radev, President of Bulgaria

Varna will always remember his charity work and the active work of the “Karin House” foundation and the “Gavrosh” House, which he founded, which marked a new beginning in our relationship with homeless children and children with specific needs. Ivan Stancioff was an inspiring person who knew how to unite people for different good things in a unique way! It is our duty to continue his work! Tribute to his bright memory!

Ivan Portnih, Mayor of Varna

For us, the team of Karin Dom, Ivan Stancioff was not just a founder, but also an inspiration who taught us to dream boldly, to believe in every child and in his opportunities for learning and development. A big man with a big heart, charisma, who changed our whole society for the sake of children. …”Nothing starts and ends with you, but you can change something along the way”, are his words. With his faith and positivism, he changed many destinies of children, viewpoints of politicians, ignited many people to follow his dream that every child has a happy and fulfilling childhood!

Mr. Stancioff liked to return to his beloved Varna, he liked to work in the garden and meeting with friends, but he felt happiest among the children, to whom he devoted a lot of strength, energy and love. We believe that a person like him, who knew how to ignite and unite people in various causes, will remain forever in the memory and hearts of people. Rest in peace, Mr. Stancioff!

Borislava Cherkezova, executive director of Karin Dom

“Boy, how can Bulgaria not have a Strategy for Children and a Law for Children.” With these words, I met Ivan Stancioff in his villa in the Sea Garden in Varna in 1997. Then we sat down to write a strategy on his veranda, after which the Child Protection Law was adopted. Little did Johnny Stancioff know that in 30 years we still won’t have a strategy…

I learned today that he has left us. 5 years ago I took his place at Karin Dom. The first service for children with disabilities, which he created in his native house and which to this day helps hundreds of children and families from Varna. There is no way I can replace Mr. Stancioff in his charm of making people follow him. He was a remarkable man, a diplomat and party man, a man of life and causes. He is the winner of the “Golden Apple” awards for overall contribution to the children of Bulgaria and is an honorary member of the National Network for Children.

Rest in peace, Johnny

Georgi Bogdanov, Chairman of the Board of Karin Dom and Executive Director of the National Network for Children

He was brilliant in every way. Everything touched by Ivan Stancioff ‘s hand is alive and his works will live on. He was a true patriot, a person with a heart and a dedicated professional. A diplomat with a bright imprint on the history of our country.

Svetlan Stoev, Minister of Foreign Affairs

We lost our Ivan Stancioff – the patron of the Bulgarian School at the Embassy of Bulgaria in London. Gone is an era, one person, one example – gone is the nobleman who taught us Bulgarians how to be real Bulgarians.

Snezhina Mecheva, Director of the Ivan Stancioff Bulgarian School at the Embassy in London

Here we learned to turn pain into power. We have learned to become advocates for our children.

Galya Koycheva, one of the first parents who fate brought together with Ivan Stancioff and Karin Dom.

One must feel some responsibility for the other. To me, that’s called love. Mr. Ivan Stancioff is one of the founders of the Gavrosh Association. With heart, experience and contacts, for years he supported the care of homeless children, the development of the organization and, above all, he was our friend. The loss of such a man is great for all, and his memory should be eternal!

Gavrosh Association

Our team had the honor of communicating with him in his capacity as Honorary Chairman of the National Advisory Council of the Diplomatic Institute – a time when he generously contributed with his enormous authority to building our institution and was a high and inspiring standard for the young generations of Bulgarian diplomats, that we train!

Deep bow to his bright memory and great appreciation from the team of the Diplomatic Institute

Ivan Stancioff – warm, sophisticated, immediate, smiling, captivating and inspiring! His generosity made Karin Dom in Varna possible. He knew how to unite people in the name of causes, he knew how to ignite sparks. I had the distinct privilege of doing interviews, photo shoots and participating in the filming of documentaries about this great man.

Nina Lokmadzhieva, journalist, photographer, participated in the filming of the documentaries about Ivan Stancioff

“Dear Mr. Ambassador,
Tonight, everyone is thanking you for something you did for their life’s favorite work, and therefore for themselves. And I will do like this:
– Thank you for allowing us to work with you.
– Thank you for you don’t know to what extent you have broadened our horizons.
– Thank you for showing us through your behavior how much easier it is to smile and understand than to reproach and step on.
– Thank you for showing us how to go cheerfully through this serious life. Thank you for dancing with us instead of experiencing yourself as untouchable.
– Thank you that every time in the embassy, ​​we showed the traditional Bulgarian skepticism and said: “No, this cannot be done”, You said: “Let’s see how it CAN be done”.
– Thank you that when in the embassy we said “I’m going to Bulgaria”, you said “I’m going to my Bulgaria”.
“Thank you for never showing us how superior you are to us.”
– Thank you for being an Inspiration.
With love….”

Aglika Markova, translator and a great friend of Ivan Stancioff and Karin Dom

As a socially engaged person, Mr. Stancioff empathized with various social problems and with the personal stories of many people. He had a special relationship with Svishtov, but Svishtov also has special feelings for him and his noble heart, which he invested in every good undertaking. His remarkable personality, full of love and generosity is an example to follow and will leave an indelible mark of kindness. Svishtov lost a good friend, but his memory will live on in our hearts!

Dr. Gencho Genchev, Mayor of Svishtov Municipality

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