Sveti Nikola

P.O.Box 104, Varna 9010



+359 52 302518

I can do sport as well!

The activities include preparation and conduction of sport events such as swimming, gymnastic exercises, sports games and excursions together with children from kindergartens, schools and their teachers. The sport itself develops conditions for social integration and it is of considerable importance for both- physical and mental health of children, especially if they possess special needs.

The main target of the project is to set up conditions for the incorporation of children with special needs through joint sport events with their peers. Children with special needs are able to integrate more easily in social life, when at early age they are given the opportunity to communicate with their peers. This communication is also necessary to the children without special needs so they can develop positive attitudes and acceptance of children with special needs.

Implementation period

June 2012 - October 2012

Financed by

Varna Municipality, within the program "Social inclusion of disabled people by encouraging initiatives of Non Profit Organisations from Varna Municipality"