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2 & 3 November – Safe Guidance and Assistance of Children with Aggressive Behavior

2 October 2023

Karin Dom is pleased to invite you to an upcoming training session on: “Safe Guiding and Assistance of Children with Aggressive Behavior”. The program was approved by order RD09-1714 of 11.08.2020 of the Minister of Education and science. The training lasts 16 hours and carries 1 credit.

Event date: November 2-3, 2023 from 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm

Venue: Karin Dom, Varna, 86A Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

Participation fee: 220 BGN

The training is suitable for: teachers and therapist teachers, kinesitherapists, rehabilitators, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, personal and social assistants, parents. It is intended for everyone who works with children with special needs and wants to learn more about guiding and assisting children with aggressive manifestations.

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Method of completion:

– Pedagogical specialists working in the education system receive a Certificate with 1 qualification credit;

– Test check;

– Other participants receive a Certificate.

Facilitators: A training team of Karin Dom – Andreas Andreu – kinesitherapist and occupational therapist, Iliana Dobreva – occupational therapist and psychologist.

The program is practically oriented and focuses on the following highlights:

  • function of aggressive behavior;
  • anatomical and kinesiological features in some conditions;
  • differences in guiding and assisting children and adults;
  • body positions in statics and dynamics;
  • control points during movement management;
  • safety techniques for unbalancing and redirecting the child’s movement;
  • assistance with motor activity;
  • safe position of the adult when assisting the child in a sitting position;
  • techniques for assisting in a sitting position, etc.

The aim is for trainees to gain insight and learn new techniques for assisting, guiding and protecting the physical health of children, as well as for the safety of adults. This will allow more active involvement and development of children and a reduction in aggressive behavior.

Contacts: Magdalena Tsoneva – Training Center Manager

Phone: 0878 302 517, e-mail:

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