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Creative Workshops “Time for Good Deeds”

1 September 2023

Together with the participants of the “My Message in My Language” project, we held two creative workshops – “Time for Good Deeds”.

In the second meeting, we stepped into the role of social entrepreneurs to find inspiration for a product with a cause. We talked about what entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship mean, and what is the difference between the two.

We presented our two big campaigns and how we implement them every year – March and Christmas campaign. We invited our long-time volunteer Petya to the meeting, who showed how some of our most popular models from both campaigns are made.

On August 25, we joined the online meeting of our friends from DarPazar, which was aimed at creating and developing products with a cause. At the event we met two interesting ladies:

  • Iva Kostova, part of the art shop “Gorichka art place”, who shared her experience in selling a variety of hand-made products of different artists. She will also talk about the ability to discover what is the most sought after, most often desired and attractive to the end customer handmade creation. Iva will share her observations on what is the best way to build the concept of a product and turn it into a finished product;
  • Hristina Shopova from Shushulka, who has been involved in product design for over 13 years.Hrisi told us about the stages of creating a product – from the idea, through production optimization, to the finished product.

At the second workshop, we continued to create and did product photography together with the project photographer – Gergana Encheva.

Gergana introduced us to what product photography means and what we need to consider when shooting – colors, purpose of the photos, target audience, concept, light and background of the photos.

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