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Paper for flowers

13 March 2017

Dear friends,

For the second consecutive year, Karin Dom’s children and team launch a campaign to collect paper and give it for recycling – “Paper for Flowers”.

Money gathered from returning the paper will be used buy flowers to make Karin Dom’s garden even more beautiful and to renew our bio-garden that pleases children and motivates them to spend more time outdoors.

We will be glad to turn your old magazines and paper waste into a lovely garden that will bring joy to the kids and teach them to love nature and how to take care of plants. We are happy that the children have the opportunity to be in touch with nature – to take care of the plants, to keep them hydrated and pick up fruits, vegetables and herbs. Children at Karin Dom also have the chance to take part in art activities using eco materials and to learn more about plants and how to protect nature.

This year the initiative is dedicated to the Week of the Forest, April 3 to 9. Anyone can join and thus will contribute to the reduction of deforestation due to the increasing consumption of paper. Fortunately our country Bulgaria is still among the countries with the highest share of forests in the European Union – nearly 40% of its territory. Let’s protect our wonderful forests!

If you have paper you are planning on throwing out or recycling, bring it at Karin Dom every weekday from March 9th to April 7th. Karin Dom is located in the Sea Garden, behind Piccadilly Park.

Thank you in advance to all our friends – we believe in your support!

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