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Halloween party in Karin Dom

1 November 2011

On 31st of October Karin Dom organized a Halloween party for a second year in a row. The main planner of the fete was Sara McPheeters – Karin Dom’s volunteer from the Peace Corp, the USA. Active participants in the preparations, the decoration of the halls, and the party itself were specialists from the center and volunteers from Fifth language school “Johan Ekzarh ” – Varna. Thanks to all of them the party atmosphere was more than wonderful.

For the kids there were different fun games. Some of them were Black cat, Witch’s hat, Halloween bowling, Draw the pumpkin, A game with little ghosts and many more. All of the kids painted Halloween pictures and played in the musical games – which were, of course, with music especially chosen for the fete. Some of the treats were made by the kids themselves.

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