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The Developed Social Responsibility of Companies Is a Guarantee for a Higher Quality of Life for Everyone

21 February 2022

The construction of the new therapeutic center of Karin Dom is a specific project with a fully accessible environment, but it is also a space that must be in sync with children’s perceptions, a place where the child can feel at home. That is why our efforts were focused not only on functionality, but also on comfort in every part of the building. We wanted a sense of home and we achieved it together with Grohe and their product solutions for bathrooms, some of which are specially designed for children. We thank GROHE for their highly developed social responsibility and for recognizing Karin Dom as one of the causes for a better future:

We strive to have a positive impact on the environment and to ensure a better future for future generations. In this project we saw an opportunity to influence the present of our children so that they can enjoy the future. We believe in the cause of Karin Dom and we are happy to be a part of it. We also believe in the good example you set with the mission you have set for yourself.

GROHE prioritizes causes and projects in which we see potential for real positive change, causes that have a clear goal and plan on how to achieve it.

We want to help – where and with whatever we are capable. We are not guided by strict rules and policies. Priority is given to causes and projects in which we see the potential for real positive change, causes that have a clear goal and plan on how to achieve it. That is why we are pleased to support this project. We saw meaning and care in it.

About the company

GROHE is a German company operating in the sanitary industry, which offers a variety of bathroom and kitchen products in different price segments. The brand is recognized for proven quality and innovative products. The brand’s product portfolio is created with care for nature. Many of GROHE’s products have state-of-the-art technologies to reduce water and energy consumption so that consumers can contribute to the conservation of valuable natural resources on a daily basis without affecting their consumer experience. Sustainability is one of the core values ​​of the brand, which promotes various initiatives to protect the environment, reduce plastic waste and support underdeveloped regions.

The company is aware of the need to use natural resources wisely and believes that the way to do this is to achieve a circular economy. In 2021 four GROHE products receive a gold Cradle to Cradle certificate. This means that after the end of their life cycle, all components of these products can be used to create new products. Another great achievement of the company is the achievement of carbon neutral production. From 2019, all GROHE plants are be completely CO2-neutral – all unavoidable carbon emissions are offset by additional social projects.

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