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Christmas Mood in the Heart of the Sea Garden in Varna. You’ll Find Our Christmas Offers at the Grinch Market

7 December 2021

GRINCH CHRISTMAS MARKET is an initiative of people who believe in goodness and the meaning of giving. With the support of artisans, donors and friends in the local community, in the period 13.12-23.12 every day from 12:00 to 21:00 Varna residents will be able to visit the bazaar, where they will have the opportunity to look at handmade products, souvenirs, literature, to warm up with a glass of mulled wine or aromatic hot chocolate, to meet and talk with sunny people, to immerse yourself in a relaxed and unique Christmas atmosphere without noise and unnecessary vanity against the background of magical music.

Karin Dom will participate in the event from December 13 to 19. During the market you will be able to find

products from Karin Dom’s Family Store

and the wonderful handmade cards of PTPI The Dolphins Varna youth

See and share the Grinch Charity Christmas Market event in Varna!

We are expecting you! The Grinch Bazaar is organized outdoors near Karin Dom (between Parkmart and Karin Dom). There is free municipal parking in the area.

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