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Kindergarten “Forest Tale” in Asparuhovo District is Part of the Project of Karin Dom “A Place for Every Child”

14 October 2021

“A Place for Every Child” is a project through which Karin Dom aims to provide long-term and in-depth support to the teams of 5 kindergartens for inclusive education in practice.

Through the project, we strive to change negative attitudes and the effective inclusion of children with special needs by sharing experience, practical guidelines and adapting the environment.

The first meeting of the team of Karin Dom: Tsvetoslava Kisyova (speech therapist), Stefka Tsvetanova (psychologist) and Veneta Mileva (coordinator) with Kindergarten “Forest Fairytale” was already in the middle of the summer, at which we presented the project to the director of the kindergarten – Mr. Albena Doceva. We received her support, trust and desire to work together, we set a good start for our future partnership in the name of the common goal.

Since 2019, children with special needs and multiple disabilities have been trained in a newly opened special group in kindergarten 46 “Forest Fairytale”. Currently, the group is visited by children on the autistic spectrum, with epilepsy, trichophagia, etc.

We learned about the challenges in the work of our colleagues – a lack of assistants to help the teacher and the specifics of the architectural environment (the kindergarten is housed in the building of the famous manufacturer Asen Nikolov in the past).

The childcare center has a motivated, qualified and supportive social inclusion team, active parents and a wonderful outdoor play area – playgrounds, facilities and an educational garden. Colleagues shared about their desire to equip a soft corner as well as a sensory hall and receive additional support for working in such an environment.

At the director’s initiative, the kindergarten team has already undergone Karin Dom’s training in various areas. The training and discussion we held on to the project was on the topic: “Building a supportive and inclusive environment in the childcare center”, in which colleagues actively participated, we discussed ideas, proposals and specific case studies.

Thank you for trusting our team!

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