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We Have Successfully Completed the Project “Active Youth for a Sustainable Future”

20 October 2021

October 14, in the early afternoon, we held a final meeting with the participants in the project “Active youth for a sustainable future – the NGO sector as an opportunity for development”.

Despite the rainy weather, the meeting took place with the difference that the location was moved from the garden of Karin Dom to the Art Salon of Radio Varna, to whom we sincerely thank for covering the project and talking to us about Karin Dom and the new volunteers of Varna.

In informal conversations with the participants, we talked about what the meetings with specialists and experts gave them, what they will take from the activities and workshops, what they could apply in the future. They also shared their impressions of the project – what made them think, what inspired them, what gave them ideas and answers to the question “What’s next?”.

Some of them even shared their plans for implementation in the non-governmental sector, and with others we talked about the future short-term opportunities to be involved as volunteers in events, campaigns and projects of Karin Dom.

And since one of the main goals of the project was to expand the horizons and opportunities for proactivity in various campaigns and initiatives, we directed the participants to regularly monitor opportunities for youth participation in projects, internships, events and others at:

The purpose of the final meeting was for the participants to share this time with one more friend, to whom they could tell about the project, the topics , the knowledge and skills they had acquired.

The participants who did not manage to come to the final meeting have the opportunity until 25.10, every weekday from 09.00 to 16.30 to come to Karin Dom to receive their certificate, as well as a gift – a “Time for Good Deeds” set.

If anyone wishes to be issued with a recommendation based on their participation in the project, which could serve to a university, other organization or as part of a volunteer portfolio, please write to by October 25/Monday inclusive .

Those who wish can bring a friend with whom we can briefly share what happened on the project and discuss the possibilities for this friend to take a step forward and be closer to involvement in volunteer activities and participation in projects and initiatives to help the community.

The project is supported by the “Youth Projects 2021” program of the Municipality of Varna and aims for young people to see opportunities in the non-governmental sector for personal and professional growth, for changing attitudes, to improve the environment, to advocate and an active civic role and position.

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