» Specialists from Varna and the country learned about the methods used in Karin Dom

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Specialists from Varna and the country learned about the methods used in Karin Dom

3 August 2015

In the middle of summer, Karin Dom’s conference room gathered professionals who work with children with special needs, from different parts of Bulgaria. The occasion was one of the open training events, organized by the foundation’s Training Center, where all shared their practice and experience.

The therapeutic methods and approaches used at Karin Dom were, of course, the focus of the training.

Here’s what some of the participants shared with us:

“For me this is the first training at which colleagues share their experience and practice. Thank you! It was a pleasure to be part of this training program. I can’t wait for our next meeting! I want to thank the lecturers and the hosts for the hospitality.”

“The facilities and the achievements (at Karin Dom) are imptessive for Bulgaria, but what’s most important is the good, humane treatment for every child in Karin Dom.”

“I learned a lot of useful things and new techniques – through theory and video. I got some great ideas and all is applicable.”

The participants thanked the lecturers Zvezdy and Andreas for the shared practical experience and the interesting way of presenting the information.

“I learned a lot… Again, I am left with excellent impressions!”

“I’m impressed by the training at Karin Dom. I would love to participate in your trainings and would recommend them to all professionals and institutions. I think that from now on, my work will be much more complete because I learned a lot of new things that would be useful for the development of the children I work with. Thank you!”

And we, from Karin Dom would like to thank all the participants for sharing cases, for the active participation in the discussions and the desire for learning and growing together so we can help the children and families that we work with!

See you soon, friends!

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