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Feedback from the participants in the Montessori training at Karin Dom

21 October 2015

Montessori – sensorial education and the child’s natural development

After the Montessori training that took place at Karin Dom this October, we have received a lot of positive feedback from the participants. Our lecturer was Feodora Stancioff – co-founder and directress of the International Montessori School in Toulouse, France. She gives talks and workshops on Montessori at French teachers’ training centers. She herself did her teachers’ training 3/6 at the London A.M.I center in 1991.

The training was attended by teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, social workers and parents from Varna, Sofia, Pleven, Blagoevgrad, Dobrich, Silistra, Rouse and Stara Zagora. Attractive Montessori materials from different sensorial areas were presented – visual, olfactory, thermal, sound, taste, tactile and Stereognostic) that help the child’s “absorbent” mind.

We want to thank all who took part and shared their impression of the training and also Mrs. Feodora Stancioff, who succeeded in intriguing the audience with her professionalism!

„Everything that was presented to us, I can use in my practice. I myself have access to a large part of the materials that were introduced. I would continue with the Montessori training.”

„I received useful information which I will have the opportunity to put in practice at the center where I work.”

„The information I got will be of use in both my work and home environment. Even in the outside world. It gives another perspective with an unusually vast application.”

„The training was of high professional level, with direct presentation of the material. Many things became clear to me, like stucturing of the Montessori environment, the presentation of the materials, the goals and tasks that are to be accomplished.”

„Excellent presentation. Very clear explanations and sufficient time for questions. The content was very useful and relevant. I can apply this new knowledge to the English teaching at my school”.

“Comprehensible, useful, memorable.”

„Feodora is amazing!”

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