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National “Being a father” Campaign – Father’s week – November 17-23

4 December 2014

Karin Dom Foundation joined the National “Being a Father” campaign which is part of the part of the Global Fatherhood Campaign – MenCare.

The goal of the campaign is to attract social attention towards the benefits of the fathers’ active participation in the children’s life – for creating a non-violent family environment and for the child’s development. The campaign is focused not only on fathers, but on all male family figures – grandfathers, uncles, etc.

The “Father’s Week” initiative was carried out between November17 and 23.

In partnership with 3 kindergartens, Karin Dom realized a series of events, involving dads’ active participation.

“Fellowship” Kindergarten 14

  • Playing with Dad – sports games
  • My profession is – dad meeting
  • Studying and folk dancing with Dad – activities with choreographer dad
  • Games with Dad – show me your favorite childhood game. Let’s play together.
  • Dad will tell us about his profession – firefighter, doctor, custom-house officer, truck driver
  • Why I love Dad – brainstorming with the children
  • A present for Dad – making a present-drawing for my Super Dad
  • A kiss for Dad – Bulgarian language
  • What does my Dad do – conversation
  • Parenting school – responsible dad. Topic: ,,I can’t do without Dad”

“Children Joy” Kindergarten №13

  • “My Dad” night
  • Soccer tournament
  • Open Door Day for groups /fathers talk about their professions/

“Hristo Botev” Kindergarten №8

  • My favorite family – Dad and I photographers
  • Children, dad, granddads and uncles make bird racks. The event is being noted with a “Golden, Fruitful Autumn” concert
  • Save roads: Children and dads talk on the topic of “Protect the child” (“Keep the child safe”)
  • The children draw portraits of Dad, Granddad, uncle, big bro.

Karin Dom

  • Dad’s cooking hour. Fathers of children who visit Karin Dom cooked wonderful meals for all – children, moms and the Karin Dom team.
  • Outdoors sport activities were organized in the garden of Karin Dom.

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