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“Role Model Father!” Father’s week celebrations at Karin Dom

25 November 2015

For yet another year, Karin Dom joined the initiative of marking Father’s Week (November 9-15). The initiative is part of the national “To Be a Dad” campaign that has the purpose to encourage men’s involvement in the life of children.

We marked the event with a celebration on November 14th in Karin Dom’s garden. This year’s campaign motto is: “Role Model Father!”. We wanted to show how wonderful our kids’ dads are and what interesting things they can do. It was great! All the ideas came from the dads and they were very active participants in their execution.

First, one of the dads showed the children how to paint and draw on a wall. We found a wall that needed painting and decorated it with children’s drawings.

After that, we had a workshop in electronics – another dad taught us to take apart and put back together a computer.

For all children and parents who wanted to makes something for decoration or a gift, we had a souvenir workshop. We also drew and the kids signed thank you cards for their daddies, grandpas and other important men in their lives.

We didn’t miss the chance to also make some delicious snacks. The men showed off their cooking skills once again! We made beautiful sandwiches and baked a tasty pumpkin. The weather was lovely as well, so we had a little picnic on the lawn among the autumn leaves.

And… we also had a private taxi. We got into the cab of one of the dads and felt like real taxi drivers for a few minutes. Some of us were happy to be drivers, others that we could honk-honk.

We had so much fun!

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