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Expressbank – Family Support for Early Childhood Development

The collaboration between Societe Generale Expressbank and Karin Dom began in 2007 and the Support the Family project started in 2011. Thanks to this joint program, therapeutic services and training for families with children with special needs are provided. Parents receive guidance and greater confidence in how to stimulate their children’s development by focusing on their strengths. Through joint efforts on the part of both organizations, children receive timely support that gives them better opportunities for socialization during their early development.

“Support the Family” program is an exceptional service for families with young children from all over Bulgaria.

The existing services for children with special needs and their families are within a certain area or municipality and often for older children. And the program empowers families to benefit from the services and experience of Karin’s home, without restrictions on the area in which they live, their children’s condition, financial status or social status.

Since the launch of the Support the Family project in 2011, until the end of 2016, Karin Dom and Societe Generale Expressbank’s project has supported more than 157 children with special needs in Bulgaria.

A major benefit of the program is the work with parents – they get counseling, guidance and advice on how to properly care for their child according to its condition, how to best meet its needs, how to encourage it, how to find and develop its strengths.

Karin Dom and Societe Generale Expressbank were awarded first place for Best Project for 2016 at the annual Project of the Year Tulip Foundation competition.

This is another award for the joint project of the two organizations, which is a public recognition of the social significance of this partnership for families in Bulgaria.

Over the years, Karin Dom has received financial support not only from the bank but also from its employees, who engage in personal donations and organize internal campaigns for additional fundraising. Charity Christmas and March bazaars are organized annually at the Bank’s offices, where employees are actively involved. The funds raised from the bazaars support the therapy of the children and the educational activities of Karin Dom.

Implementation period

December 2016

Financed by

Societe Generale Expressbank

Contact person

Veneta Mileva
телефон: +359 52 302 518