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A Photo Exhibition of Karin Dom Told 25 Years of 25-year History at the Residence of the British Ambassador in Sofia

13 May 2022

The charity event was held on May 11 with the kind hospitality of Ambassador Rob Dixon in support of the new therapeutic center that Karin Dom is building in Varna. Current and future partners of the organization, representatives of business, non-governmental sector, diplomats, officials, friends and the media were involved. We talked about our work, about the successes of children with special needs and their families. The guests were impressed by the new therapeutic complex and its specific functions, by the architectural solutions in the building for more light, spaces and the pool for hydrotherapy. The event was a message about the good and about the people who support its happening. It was a call to support Karin Dom’s efforts to furnish and equip the building. The planned opening of the complex is in September 2022.

The professional quality photos are framed and sized 50/70 cm. You can view them in the gallery and order prints by email at: by stating a delivery address and making a donation to the Karin Dom Foundation.

You can make a donation in favor of Karin Dom from the new building project page HERE or from our page HERE.

Take a look at the exhibition!

We thank the photographers: Gergana Encheva, Yana Peneva, Zvezdi Patare, Nina Lokmadzhieva and Redzheb Shabanov, as well as archive footage taken during therapy, celebrations and events at Karin Dom. Thanks also to the children who took part in these photo sessions!

We thank our friends: Stella Kostova (consultant of the exhibition) and Silvia Mitova (Knowbox Agency)!

25 years of history

Children’s smiles in Karin Dom

Events, celebrations and team

New Karin Dom therapeutic complex

Karin Dom told in 25 photographs its 25-year history through the eyes of children, parents and professionals.

The photo exhibition “25 Years Ambassadors of Good” was opened by the British Ambassador HE Rob Dixon and the executive director of Karin Dom – Borislava Cherkezova. The coordinator of the project for construction of the new complex Veselina Vasileva spoke about the challenge to build on such a scale a modern therapeutic complex by a civil organization in Bulgaria. The event was hosted by the charming Igor Damyanov. The event was attended by Daniel Penev – journalist and author of the book “The First 25 Years of Karin Dom”.

A video greeting was prepared by children who visit Karin Dom. They moved the guests with their musical performance along with their therapists.

We welcomed the guests with a glass of premium wine, provided by the renowned wine cellar Chateau Boshnakov, which took us to the shores of Lake Varna, where the family cellar grows its vineyards. For catering we trusted “World of Mary”. For our guests played: Boyana Zhelyazkova (the girl with the violin) and Asen Marinov (guitar).

The event was organized with the support of the Agora Platform Association and the America for Bulgaria Foundation and aims to focus attention on philanthropy as a culture, way of life and a valuable tool to support important causes.

Photographer of the event: Marina Bandelyuk

About Karin Dom

Founded by the Bulgarian diplomat and philanthropist Ivan Stanchov, Karin Dom is one of the first civil organizations in Bulgaria. It started its work back in 1996, in the “Three Wells” heritage villa of the Stanchov family in the Sea Garden of Varna and is named after the first cousin of its founder – Karin, born with cerebral palsy. Karin is an inspiring person with a strong spirit and compassionate to everyone in need. Karin’s portrait is also part of this exhibition, as is the special needs doll that bears her name.

With the construction of the new specialized center, the organization continues the work of the diplomat and philanthropist Ivan Stanchov, who founded Karin Dom 25 years ago. Karin Dom is one of the first civil society organizations in Bulgaria to fight against the institutional care of children with disabilities and which has a qualitatively new approach to children with special needs and their families. Ivan Stanchov started working with the idea of ​​creating a new model of services for children with special needs so that the abandonment of these children in homes could be stopped. Ivan Stanchov managed to persuade his family to donate their heritage villa “Three Wells” in the Sea Garden of Varna for the purposes of the foundation, which he named Karin Dom – after his first cousin Karin, born with cerebral palsy. In 1996 the first children entered the center, and some of the parents later established the first parent organizations in Varna.

This marks the beginning of Karin Dom, its mission and goals that it has followed so far. A strong community of specialists, parents and donors was created, which is still strong today and thanks to which Karin Dom is currently building a modern therapeutic complex in Varna. Until now, the organization is housed in the heritage villa, and over the years has adapted the spaces for the purposes of therapy and education of children. Karin Dom is developing and growing as a therapeutic center for children with special needs, which employs highly qualified specialists: physiotherapists, rehabilitators, speech therapists, psychologists, special teachers, social workers, but also provides training to organizations and professionals. Every year Karin Home supports over 300 children and families from all over the country.

Karin Dom is also one of the first civil society organizations in Bulgaria to fight against institutional care and to have a new approach to children with special needs and their families. For the first time the specialists of Karin Dom introduced in Bulgaria the term “children with special needs”, and the first specialized playground in our country was built in its beautiful garden. Every year the team supports hundreds of children, families and professionals from all over the country. Now Karin Dom is setting an extremely important goal – the furnishing of the new therapeutic complex, the construction of which was recently completed in Varna.

Fully designed and equipped for the application of modern methods of therapy for children, the new center will be a source of pride not only for Bulgaria but also for any modern society for which the future of children is a top priority. Karin Dom relies exclusively on volunteers and donors not only in Varna, but throughout the country and abroad.

You can make a donation in favor of Karin Dom from the new building project page HERE or from our page HERE.



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