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Occupational Therapy Sessions Start at Karin Dom with Vladislava Doncheva, Rehabilitator and Occupational Therapist

5 March 2021

We are glad to announce that in February 2021, for the first time, occupational therapy sessions started at Karin dom. Vladislava Doncheva, rehabilitator with many years of experience in working with children in Karin Dom successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy.

vladislava-doncheva1Since 2011 Vladi has been part of the Early Intervention team. Participates in an exchange of experience in Connecticut, USA, organized by the Early Childhood Services Program of the state. There she became acquainted with the practice of home visits, attended complementary services for young children and families, and observed the work of her fellow physiotherapists at Hartford Children’s Hospital. As a consultant in Karin dom’s Early Intervention Program, Vladi handles the cases of the youngest children and babies. Many of them are referred to the Program by our partners from the two state maternity hospitals in Varna. This naturally develops her interest and focus on working with premature babies, as well as with children with various syndromes and conditions affecting early childhood development. During home visits, she applies a family-oriented approach that helps her work with parents to achieve better results for children. Many of them overcame the delay in their development and left their peers when leaving the Program.

Every child has the right to grow, learn, communicate and play. Children do this every day and thus get to know the world around them. This brings them experience and satisfaction and thus they become more independent and autonomous. Sometimes children have difficulty performing daily activities due to various social, emotional, mental or physical disorders.

Occupational therapy for children is aimed at improving their ability to participate in the activities of everyday life in which they want, which they need or which they are expected to perform. The occupational therapist also aims to adapt the activity in which the child has difficulty, as well as to adapt the environment in order for the full participation of the child.

Everyday activities for children in which occupational therapy can be useful are divided into three areas: self-care (eating, drinking, brushing teeth, dressing / undressing, etc.), learning activities and games.

When working with each child, the interaction between the child, the environment and his activities is assessed. Based on this assessment, a therapeutic intervention plan is prepared together with the parents, which includes various occupational therapy approaches in order to develop new skills, adapt the environment, modify the activities in which the child has difficulties. Occupational therapy services in pediatrics are aimed at children with unspecified developmental delays, neurological diseases, premature infants, cerebral palsy, autism, various syndromes, hearing, visual impairments and more. Occupational therapy sessions are fun for children and pass imperceptibly in the form of play.

We wish Vladi a lot of success and achieved results in working with children and families!

Occupational therapy at Karin dom is supported by the Medicor Foundation, an independent charity based in Liechtenstein. In 2020 Karin dom has launched a new partnership with the Medicor Foundation to provide therapy and counseling to children with special needs and their families.



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