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Kids take care of nature and birds during the winter

29 January 2015

Karin Dom is a centre for social rehabilitation and integration for children with special needs and their families. It’s located in one of the most romantic spots in Varna – the Sea Garden. This gives the children the opportunity to be in constant contact with the unique flora and fauna of our region. Nature is part of all festivities and activities of the children, as well as their drawings. With great pleasure the children plant flowers, gather chestnuts, keep clean, play with sand and water. In summer, the children enjoy a wonderful pool. This way swimming therapy is provided during the warm summer months.

The Green flag award as am Eco-school, which we received in 2003, motives children, team and parents to expand the circle of Eco education and the Centre’s activity in this direction. Since winning the award to this day, our motto has been: “Keep nature clean for the future!”

As part of the events and initiatives, this month the children from Karin Dom’s green school went in the garden to observe the birds during winter. The little kids prepared racks with food for the birds and put them at the pre-prepared suitable places!

Строим новия терапевтичен и образователен комплекс във Варна

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