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Benefits of Early Intervention – To What Do We Owe the Children’s Progress?

20 January 2015

Karin Dom’s Early Intervention programme is directed towards families with babies and little children between 0 and 4 years, who have disability or are in risk of developing one.

The programme has started in 2010 and offers the families a complex of services – the key one is the Home Visit. Karin Dom’s consultants (speech therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist, social worker) visit the child’s home and have the opportunity to observe the child in its natural environment.

Our family-centered approach predisposes both parents and consultants to work together for overcoming the challenges and stimulates the active participation of the family in the activities that develop the potential of their child.

To what do we owe the child’s progress?

We are sharing with you the results of research on the parents’ gratification about the Early Intervention programme in 2014. “To what do we owe the child’s progress, according to you?” was the question we asked the families, part of Karin Dom’s Early Intervention programme.

“We owe the progress to the improvement of work and parent – child relations, plus the consultant’s guidance.”

“We’ve been part of the programme for a while now and I can say that we have progress (even a little) thanks to the consultants. They are showing me in practice how it is possible for everything to go as a game (without yelling and crying) and explain to me what I can do in every difficult situation.”

“The consultants are giving me very good guidance, according to the purposes. And the purposes are not given only by the consultants, they ask about my opinion and we work together.”

“I know what to do now with the games and activities, given by the consultants.”

“We owe the progress to the right work with the child. The consultants advise me on what and how to do so my child can move forward.”

“Together with the consultants, we established what kind of exercise the child must do, based on his walking problem. Thanks to the adequate advice my son can now run, we overcame the feeding problem as well and now are working on the correct pronunciation of words. My son is going to daycare and I’m extremely happy that we achieved so much in such short period of time.”

“I was concerned about delays in my daughter’s development because she was born prematurely. But at present, I’m thankful for the consultants’ hard work and to my family, I have no worries and I think that we are developing normally and that we have caught up with our peers.”

“We owe the progress to the constant work on my part and to the consultants’ good advice on what and how to do things in order to help my daughter in her development.”

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