» Research shows the positive results of active parent involvement in the child’s development

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Research shows the positive results of active parent involvement in the child’s development

11 February 2015

On February 10th, at the Varna Municipality, Karin Dom Foundation presented the results of a satisfaction survey from the Early Intervention services, conducted among parents and partners. The Early Intervention services are aimed at families with babies and young children aged 0 to 4 years old who have developmental delays or have risk factors that might lead to developmental delays.

The research involved 52 parents. They point out that their satisfaction with the service is due at most to: the competence and professionalism of the consultants (35%); the training parents receive (26%); the comfort of home visits (20%) and the attitude of the consultants (20%). All interviewed parents share that there is a progress in the development of their child and as the main reason for it they state: the information and training they have received 70%) and active activities of parents and consultants with the child (47%).

The shared thoughts of one parent who had used the early intervention services, are significant for the benefit of an early start and the persistence, necessary for achieving results:

“The path towards Karin Dom’s Early Intervention services begins with realizing the need for professional help. We entered the programme when my son was 2 years and seven months old; he didn’t speak, he was hiding from people, he was hitting himself, screaming, sleeping and eating a little… diagnosis “general developmental disorder”. I was scared! With each home visit, the consultant guided me towards an understandable for the child approach and with each passing week I could see we were closer to achieving our goals. While I was waiting for my child to outgrow on his own the things that worried me, I had lost valuable time and that is why we had no more time to rest – neither me, neither my son. It’s true that I’ve worked a lot with the child as well. My gratitude is enormous! My child had adapted successfully at his kindergarten, he speaks, plays with other children… this is a complete change.”

Between December 2010 and December 2014, 435 children and their families have used the Early Intervention services. In addition, our specialists have conducted 47 consultations with parents in order to prevent the abandonment of a children born with special needs.

The EI services are part of the municipal-delegated activities of the Varna Municipality and is implemented by Karin Dom and our partners: the Child Protection Department – Varna, the maternity ward of the Specialized Hospital In Obstetrics and Gynecology for Active  Treatment “Prof. Dr.D. Stamatov – Varna”, the maternity ward of the Hospital for Active Treatment “St. Anna – Varna” and the breastfeeding consultants of Association Colorful Future.

We asked the families in Karin Dom’s Early Intervention program “To what do we owe the child’s progress?” and you can read some of their answers in the article The benefits of early intervention HERE

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