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Free Consultations for Children with Down Syndrome Aged 0-3 years

17 March 2022

Dear parents,

In March, we are launching a traditional Karin Home campaign aimed at children with Down Syndrome.

Karin Dom’s initiative is held on the occasion of the International Day of People with Down Syndrome, which we celebrate every year on March 21. The one-time consultations with our specialists aim to support the development of children aged 0-3 years and to support parents. The consultations are free and will be held online (for children from the country), on site at Karin Dom or at the family home (for families from Varna) by specialists from Karin Dom, Early Intervention Center.

The consultations aim to support child development and to support parents. To join the free consultation you need to fill out the form and we will contact you for further details.

Fill in the form HERE!

Registration is open until March 31, 2021 or until the slots are filled. The consultations will take place within 2 months after the end of the registrations. The specialists who will be included in the consultations are: rehabilitator, occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist, social worker, breastfeeding specialist. Slots are limited and we will stop booking when they are full.

Karin Dom’s initiative is held on the occasion of the International Day of People with Down Syndrome, which we celebrate every year on March 21.

For additional information you can contact us at: 0876 655 220 – Veronika Valcheva

The team of Karin Dom recommends that the support of families who expect a child with Down Syndrome has to start before birth, and that work with children with Down Syndrome should start from birth. There are already Early Childhood Intervention Services in many places in the country. The family-oriented approach and work with families are fundamental principles in the provision of the Early Intervention social service at Karin Dom for children aged 0-3 and their families. Empowering families, increasing their competence, awareness, confidence is an advantage and a guarantee of success in the development of the children. The main services of the Early Intervention Center are provided in the child’s home, and some of the additional ones, such as playgroups, toy library and others are offered in the building of Karin Dom.

How to stimulate the development of a child with Down Syndrome? Successful techniques and games – you can read on our website here.

Early intervention is most effective if it is carried out at home, on a playground, in a nursery or kindergarten. The involvement of parents, siblings, grandparents, all adults and children that are important to the child, facilitates the process of progress, the results are more sustainable, and children are included early in the social life of the community.

The world is more colorful, different and sunny with children with Down Syndrome! That is why on this day, as a sign of support and empathy, we wear colorful socks!

Colorful, like the chromosomes, when stained with fluorescent molecules to detect with a fluorescent microscope the extra third copy of chromosome 21. In fact, this extra chromosome alters the normal course of children’s growth and development. But this is not an obstacle for children to smile, communicate, play, learn, create, develop their potential, be as independent as possible.

Consultations are financed under the Karin Dom project by the Medicor Foundation, Liechtenstein.

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