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22 May 2019

Today, the 11th grade students of Varna Navy High School “St. Nikolai Chudotvorets” shared their afternoon hours to help improve the garden at Karin Dom. In just a few hours, the weeds were replaced by zinnia and aster, and the garden beds – filled with thyme and other aromatic herbs. The youths did not surrender to the picks, the shovels and the sun, turning the darnels into fresh gardens.
We thank their teacher Aleksandrina Georgieva for the wonderful organization, the gifts of flowers and herbs and especially for motivating the students to participate in volunteer initiatives by educating them on humanity and social engagement. We also thank the whole board of the Varna Navy High School for their active work in support of volunteer initiatives, good practices and useful projects, as well as the students for a good example they give to their peers.

If you also want to become part of the good ambassadors by donating your time and energy to support the work of Karin Dom, please fill out our Volunteer Form and we will contact you!

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