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Youth Culinary Workshop in Karin Dom

2 August 2018

We started with the first workshop on the project “Creativity and Volunteering in Karin Dom“. We started with the development of the culinary skills of the young people and the taste for the Bulgarian. Flavours grown and produced in Bulgaria showed us our culinary connoisseurs of “Wine and Meze”. They told how the proposed lean meat, fresh potatoes, corn, and vegetables moved their way from their farm to today’s culinary workshop. The farm, which is located in the semi-mountainous villages of Tsonevo and Sava, offers clean, natural food, but it must also be masterfully prepared. These very masterful recipes have also been learned by our young friends who joined the workshop.

If you also want to join the project, you can still do it BY REGISTRATION HERE.

Project activities have its aims young people at age 15-29 to improve their daily skills and spend their full time with their peers. Karin Dom’s long-term goal is to train and prepare a volunteer team of motivated young people to support our activity in the long-term.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Municipality of Varna – Activity “Youth Projects 2018”.


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