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Open Doors Day at the Druzhba kindergarten in Varna

12 October 2014

Children, teachers and specialists from Karin Dom gathered at the Open Doors Day in the “Druzhba” kindergarten on October 9th.

While the kids from Karin Dom and the kindergarten had fun watching the music performance prepared for them by artists, the older children from the kindergarten presented us one of their music therapy lessons – we heard the clatter of horses, the sound of rain and even the waves of the sea on the Hawaiian beach. Teachers and specialists observed this good practice with great interest and then shared ideas and suggestions on improving the environment for children with special needs in kindergartens.

Representatives from Resource Center supported the teachers’ recommendations for more opportunities for experience exchange and trainings on how to better interact with parents. Representatives of three other kindergartens in Varna also took part in the event – kindergarten “Children’s joy,” kindergarten “Sea starlet” and kindergarten “Hristo Botev”.


The event is being carried out during “Open Doors Day” under the project “Creating a supportive educational environment for children with special needs at kindergartens”, funded by the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 –


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