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Early Intervention Open doors day at Karin Dom

19 January 2012

On the 19th of January, Karin Dom declared Open doors day to present the experience gathered and the results of the programme “Early intervention to prevent abandonment of children with disabilities,” which runs for a second year.

Karin Dom’s guests were representatives of all the partners in the programme  Varna Municipality, the Department of Child Protection, neonatal and maternity departments of the “Prof. MD D. Stamatov” Hospital, “St. Anna” Hospital and association “Colorful fututre” that works to support breastfeeding.

The guests had the opportunity to take a tour of Karin Dom, observe therapeutic sessions and the methods used for working with children. They had the chance to watch a film especially made for the Early Intervention programme which focuses on home visits.

In the subsequent discussion people gave constructive suggestions for expanding the Early Intervention programme and Karin Dom’s experience recieved a high evaluation. Some of the opinions expressed were: “With such an Early Intervention programme we will be able to close the entrance to the institutions” – Donika Koleva, Project Manager “Childhood for All”; “Deinstitutionalisation and Early Interventions should go hand in hand” – Dr. Zdravko Markov, Head of the Social Activities and Residential Policy Department; “It is important that we work with the families to help children stay in the family. – Mrs.Grigorova, Director of Social Welfare  Varna; “Before more that 15 years Karin Dom started with a play house and the parents weren’t even talking to each other. One must be an optimist. I am extremely glad that there are such results. This experience must be shared” – Mr. Ivan Stancioff, founder of Karin Dom, 

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