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Donation Training for Youth

21 October 2021

Within the framework of the project “Donation as a Tool for Supporting Significant Causes and Building an Active Civil Society”, which Karin Dom realized thanks to the support of the “Platforma Agora” Association, we conducted planned training for young people on the topic of donation – building an understanding of donation and the culture of giving among young people, the main goal of which was to familiarize young people with the importance of donating to build an active civil society.

After presenting the goals of the project and upcoming activities, we moved on to a discussion on topics such as:

– Donation as a culture and a way of life
– Donation initiatives and campaigns – the steps from idea and planning to reporting and publicity.
– Corporate social responsibility
– Individual and corporate donation – essence and approaches
– Upcoming events on the project and how they can get involved as volunteers

12 young people aged 15-29 participated in the training, who demonstrated not only sensitivity to the topic, but also knowledge and experience, as well as serious motivation and interest to be involved in the upcoming activities.

The meeting is implemented according to the project “Donation as a tool to support important causes and building an active civil society”, financed by “Platforma AGORA” Association.

Support for the Karin Dom Foundation is provided under the “Development of Donation at the Local Level” program by the “Platforma Agora” Association and the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation. The statements and opinions expressed here belong solely to the Karin Dom Foundation and do not necessarily reflect the views of the America for Bulgaria Foundation and its partners.

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