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Guest of Karin Dom – D. Fraser, Ed.D, BCBA-D

17 July 2012

In mid-July guest of Karin Dom was Diane Fraser, Ed.D, BCBA-D. The training for the staff with Dr. Fraser consisted of theoretical part with lots of videos and observation of practical sessions with children in the Centre, on the topic “Understanding the behaviour of children with autistic spectrum disorders and forms and functions of the problem behaviour”. The accent of the training was on acquiring basic communication through strategies for Applied Behaviour Analysis.

The training ended with a lecture on strategies for promoting positive behavioiur in children with ASDs, which Dr. Fraser presented in front of parents and professionals from the country. At the end of the presentation she answered lots of questions.

“Teaching alternative functional behaviour is the actual task in behavior management. The therapy is based on Function.” said Dr Fraser, “The goal in teaching functional communication is children to learn communication behaviours that could replace existing maladaptive behaviours.

Testimonial from a parent

On the 14th of July in Varna with the help of Karin Dom, a seminar with Dr. Diane Fraser was conducted, on which a participated as a mother of a child with autism. Undoubtedly what I saw, heard and what we discussed with Dr. Fraser, was of use to me. With the help of videos many behaviours of children with autism were presented, as well as the approach towards working with them. Always, going on such events, people might think that they know enough on the subject, but this kind of meetings give more and more clarity on the topic. It would be nice if more professionals and parents exhibit greater interest in the problems of children with autism.

With thanks to Karin Dom and their empathy towards children with special needs

Ina Dimova, mother from the town of Dobrich

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