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Karin Dom participated in a National Conference on Child Neurology, Psychiatry and Developmental Psychology

19 October 2023

National conference on child neurology, psychiatry and developmental psychology, Sofia, October 11-12 and Epilepsy Workshop October 13-14, 2023

A team of Karin Dom specialists took part in the national conference in Sofia. We presented the activities of Karin Dom with three presentations – report “Therapeutic Methods and Approaches in Working with Children with Autism” (Elena Gorcheva, Aneta Morfova and Andreas Andreu); poster presentations “Trampoline Therapy for a Child with the Genetic Congenital Cataract, Facial Dysmorphism, Neuropathy Syndrome” (Teodora Dimitrova, head assistant Darina Zaharieva – NSA) and “Bobat Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy” (Petya Georgieva, Teodora Dimitrova).

On the topic “Therapeutic Methods and Approaches for Children with Autism” we presented our work model and the evidence-based strategies applied at Karin Dom. We presented TEACCH, ABA, the different options of alternative and complementary communication (ACC), Sensory approaches, Music therapy, Art therapy, Adapted swimming. We also presented the activities in the family-mediated groups – “Rainbow” (for children on the autism spectrum) and “Movement” (for children with sensory-motor difficulties), as well as activities in a Montessori environment.

We paid special attention to the fact that support for children with autism is most effective when it starts as early as possible, the work is comprehensive and parents are actively involved.

The methods and approaches we apply are compatible and tailored to the child’s condition, the needs of the family and the environment in which it functions. Teamwork and partnership with the family are key.

In the poster presentation, “Bobat Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy”, we presented medical specialists with important facts about the Bobat concept, which prove that its application in children with CP leads to maximum results, with which children achieve a more functional life. We informed the medical community that in 2023 In Karin Dom, a basic pediatric training course certified by the European Bobat Association of Trainers – EBTA took place for the first time in Bulgaria. We noted that 22 specialists from Varna, Sofia, Plovdiv and Ruse took part in the training. 

Through the poster presentation “Trampoline Therapy for a Child with the Genetic Congenital Cataract, Facial Dysmorphism, Neuropathy Syndrome”, we introduced the doctors to the possibilities of this approach and what its impact is. We presented a case study of a child with symptoms of ataxia due to a genetic syndrome, where the results of the applied Trampoline Therapy showed a positive impact on gross motor skills, balance and equilibrium during walking. This gives us reason to believe that Rebound therapy can also have a positive effect on other diseases affecting general motility, balance and equilibrium.

In the second part of the forum, modern trends in the diagnosis and therapy of epilepsy were presented. There was international participation from countries from Europe, Great Britain, Armenia. We got acquainted with the world experience in diagnostics and therapeutic interventions for the various forms of epilepsy. Special attention was paid to the role of genetics in the occurrence of the various conditions associated with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Epilepsy.

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