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Karin Dom took part in the first conference with international participation, Health Care – Contribution to the Quality of Life

4 October 2016

On September 30 Karin Dom took part in the conference “Health Care – Contribution to the Quality of Life”, organized by the Department of Nursing Care at the Faculty of Public Health, Medical University of Varna.

Veselina Vassileva, Karin Dom’s assistant director, presented a topic that is rarely discussed in society and among health professionals. The discussion on the topic of “Communicating a diagnosis with the family of a newborn child with disability” and the communication skills of the specialists who engage with the families in maternity wards, sparked the public’s interest and gathered concrete steps on how to respond to this very difficult time of life.

Veselina Vassileva also presented „National survey of knowledge, attitudes and practice among medical professionals working directly with infants and toddlers with disabilities“. The survey has been conducted during training events in which Karin Dom presented the topic “Communicating a diagnosis with the family of a newborn child with disability” to medical professionals. Those training events were part of the Social Inclusion Project of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in Bulgaria and were conducted by a team of 12 psychologists between September and November 2014. The survey covered 36 maternity and neonatology wards in hospitals across the country and 290 medical specialists.

Karin Dom’s proposals in this direction are to change attitudes of society and specialists – through training, improved facilities, dedicating a room for conversation with families, appointing a psychologist, change in practice of the medical professionals and their preparation on how to respond in such situations, as well as partnerships with NGOs that have experience in the field.

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