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Call for training and implementation of small projects – competition for NGOs working with children with special needs and their families

27 April 2015

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Karin Dom Foundation announces a competition for NGOs for participation in training and implementation of small projects in the field of provision of services for children with special needs and their families. Participating organizations will be trained to implement a family-centered approach in their work with children and families and will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in their services as they develop and implement their own small projects.

Applicant organizations must meet the following requirements:
– To be registered as NGOs according the Law of the non-profit legal entities;
– To be providers of services for children with disabilities and their families or other children and families at risk;
– To provide services not only to childen, but for their families as well;
– To be be prepared to apply and commit to implementing the family-centered approach in their practice;
– To be involved in the process of prevention of institutionalization of children in their local community;
– To have practical experience in supporting children and families – not less than three years.

What we offer to organizations?
– 1 two-day training on “family-centered approach to providing services for children and families” for 2 representatives of each organization. The training will be held at Karin Dom Center, Varna.
– 2 days practicum at Karin Dom Center for representatives of organizations undergone the first training.
– Opportunity to finance family-centered practices of organizations that were trained and took part in the practicum. Up to 10 small projects (maximum of 1000 BGN) for implementing the family-centered approach will be financed.
– Individual support and professional supervision for the teams of the organizations realizing the projects

What we expect from the organizations?
– To participate in a two-day training on “Family-centered approach to providing services for children and families” at Karin Dom Center
– To participate in the two-day practicum at Karin Dom Center, Varna
– To develop and implement a small project for the introduction of family-centered approach within the organization with a minimum of 5 children and their families
– To take part in supervisions on work cases. The supervisions will be held on-site in their organization by members of Karin Dom’s team.
– To submit a report on the small projects and their results.


All interested organizations can fill in the attached application form and send it to before May 15th, 2015.

Important! Before you apply, please refer to the attached concept of Karin Dom Foundation for the “family-centered approach”. For more information – Apostol Apostolov, phone +359 878 465 135.

Karin Dom’s concept for the “family-centered approach” (PDF file) – download from HERE – available in Bulgarian only

Application Form (MS Word) – Download from HERE – available in Bulgarian only

The project is supported by Tulop Foundation under the Faith in Children and Family Programme.

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