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Christmas Cards 2015 – Support the Children of Karin Dom

1 November 2014

This year the kids of Karin Dom have created some beautiful drawings and applications that we turned into magical Christmas cards and calendars!

We offer them in two languages – English and Bulgarian. All the funds raised through the campaign will help cover the costs of the therapy of the children.

Prices and donation:

Price for 1 card: 1 Euro + shipping taxes

Price for 1 card if you buy more than 500 cards: 0.75 Euro + shipping taxes

Price for 1 calendar: 2.5 Euro + shipping taxes

To order your cards now contact us at email or call at +359 52 302 517

Calendar 2015

Календар 205 - Карин дом / Calendar 2015 Karin DomКалендар 205 - Карин дом / Calendar 2015 Karin Dom

The back of the cards with text on English or Bulgarian

Christmas Cards with text in EnglishChristmas Cards with text in Bulgarian

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Promising New Year!

Thank you for your support!

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