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Time for Good Deeds – Karin Dom’s Christmas Charity Campaign

9 November 2022

Dear friends,

We are sure that you are already looking forward to our traditional Christmas campaign, which every year reaches more and more friends of Karin Dom, individuals and companies who want to support the children.

This year we have again tried to offer you cards and calendars with attractive designs, as well as Christmas gift suggestions. Many of our artist friends joined the campaign this year, providing their original artwork especially for Karin Dom! We will also delight you with many children’s artworks.

Check out our catalog of cards, calendars, art kits, fun goodies and our notebook!

Choose Christmas toys and gifts from our Products with a Cause, where you will find more ideas and suggestions for an exciting and shared Christmas!

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About Karin Dom’s Campaign 

This year, our campaign aims to support the development of the services that Karin Dom offers in the new complex which opened in September. Proceeds from the campaign will go towards our “Supporting Early Childhood Development/Learning and Rehabilitation for Children 0-7” Program.

Choose a gift from our catalog and support Karin Dom!

Stelli Chakarova – artist and graphic designer and a person with boundless imagination who has managed to preserve the child within. She is a friend of Karin Dom and the author of three designer cards that have been provided especially for this year’s campaign.

Stelli’s cards are: ‘The Dawn Before Christmas’, ‘A Scent of Christmas’, ‘Christmas Time’, ‘Where Did Prancer Go?’, ‘If Children Had Wings’.

Elitsa Karabashlieva

The protagonist is our beloved Karin – a child with cerebral palsy, after whom Karin Dom is named. Elitsa is a member of the Artists Association – Varna and has already had 29 solo exhibitions. The cards were painted especially for Karin Dom.

Vladislava Vidinova (Vladi Vidal)

Vladi has been working for more than 15 years in the field of illustration, animation and graphic design, and has been a long-time lecturer in “Graphic Design”, “Drawing and Painting” and “Computer Graphics” to more than 500 students. She is the author of the new logo of Karin Dom and Montessori House.

“Christmas Tree” is a card created from a drawing by Gabriela, age 5, who attends a Montessori group at Karin Dom and Vladi. Vladi’s two original cards are “Christmas Wreath” and “Snowy is Skiing”.

Children Art

“We All Love Sweets”, by Ivayla Cherkezova, age 14

This time we have two participants who painted especially for our Christmas campaign to become part of the good that the holiday brings and to support other children with their art.

“Merry Penguins and the Christmas Tree” by Boyana Junova, age 15.

Stella is President of the International Watercolor Society California USA, teaches watercolor, juries and participates in exhibitions initiated by art organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. Her paintings are in private, corporate and museum collections in America, Europe and Asia. Her biography is included in Who’s Who in America? and Who’s Who of Women of America.

Stella Canfield – Shrouded







Yana has participated in more than 50 group exhibitions in this country and started a group of events “Paint Your Costume”. A special gift to Karin Dom from the young and talented artist. In her soul and creative path, love of country and traditions are the main artistic driver.

Yana Lyubenova – Waiting for Christmas








Calendar for 2023

We dedicate this calendar to Ivan Stancioff (01.04.1929 – 24.11.2021) – Bulgarian statesman and diplomat, philanthropist, traveler, dreamer and eternal optimist, for whom there were no impossible things. Dedicated to the cause of children with special needs, he inspired many followers along the way to dream with him of a brighter and better world for children.

We believe that a man like him, who was able to ignite and unite people for many different causes, will forever remain in the memories and hearts of people. That is why we decided to include some of his thoughts in this calendar, which he shared with the Karin Dom team, in interviews and meetings with friends. Ivan Stancioff was able to melt away barriers and overcome differences between people, to find common ground with everyone – from diplomats and politicians to parents and children with special needs. That is why his letters often ended with “Yours, Ivan Stancioff”.

We look forward to sharing what we remembered with all of you, so you can get to know an eternal optimist and “Knight of Children”.

Karin Dom’s calendar for 2023:

  • desk calendar – pyramid, 22/15 cm;
  • original design by Steli Chakarova;
  • with inspirational messages by Ivan Stancioff in Bulgarian and English


A notebook with a message for your notes and thoughts, for everything that excites you.

With brief information about Karin Dom and its creator – Ambassador Ivan Stancioff.

  • A5 size with a spiral
  • original design by Stelli Chakarova
  • do dates, 280 pages.

Color and give to your loved ones! Cards for loved ones.

The artist is you!

Cards for Loved Ones is a creative coloring kit that includes 12 original drawings for each season of the year, suitable for children. The card encourages the child to write a wish for a loved one and gift a card in which they have actively participated.

Size: 10/15 cm.

Design – Stelli Chakarova

Color and give to your loved ones! Cards for loved ones.

The artist is you!

A set of Christmas coloring cards that bring the magic, sparkle of Christmas lights and the inspiration of Christmas.

Contains 5 different coloring cards, 5 envelopes, packaged beautifully.

Size 15/15 cm.

Design: Iliyana and Dimitar from August Studio – a small studio for designer things for everyday life. For those special little things that make the day exciting, inspired and special.

“So this is what you get this year” – a set of fun lucky charms in 4 varieties:

  • Double-sided lucky charms with fun wishes and a chosen Christmas look
  • Set of 15 pieces
  • Size: 8,5/5 cm.
  • Design – Stella Chakarova


Prices of the offers included in the charity campaign:

  • Christmas card with envelope: 2.00 BGN
  • When buying more than 500 cards: 1.50 BGN
  • Pyramid calendar – 10 BGN
  • Pyramid calendar – for orders above 200 pieces – 8 BGN.
  • A5 notebooks:
  • “Color and Gift” designed by Steli Chakarova – a set of 12 cards – 19 BGN
  • “Color and Gift” designed by August Studio – a set of 5 cards – 10 BGN
  • Christmas lucky charms – a set of 15 – 2,50 BGN/set


Order your cards and calendars by December 18, 2022 with delivery by Econt. For all orders, Karin Dom can issue an invoice or a Donation Agreement.

How to order? We accept orders from all over the country.

Email us at or contact us on 052 302 518, 088/ 4032 826 – Boryana Parveva and 0879/940 743 – Veneta Mileva.

Christmas at your office:

We can provide cards and calendars as well as our donation box on site at your office. This way employees can choose in peace and the working atmosphere can become more festive.


For orders and more suggestions, check out the KARIN DOM FAMILY SHOP!

You can also donate via one-time SMS and subscriptions with the Latin text DMS KARIN DOM to 17 777

(for Telenor, VIVACOM and A1 subscribers) at the price of 1 BGN.

Merry Christmas! Happy and successful New Year from the Karin Dom team!

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