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The Bulgarian school in London named after Mr. Ivan Stancioff

9 December 2016

We cannot hide our joy brought to us by the news that the Bulgarian School with the Bulgarian Embassy in London will be named after one very dignified Bulgarian – the Ambassador Ivan Stancioff! It is a great honor to know Mr. Stancioff and on multiple occasions we had the pleasure to be around his person, to learn from him and his experience, and to share common values.

The naming of the school took place on December 8th at a formal ceremony during the annual Christmas charity ball at our Embassy in London Every year the school supports Karin Dom’s activity. The reason for which the school was named after Mr. Stancioff is that it owns its existence to him. Ivan Stancioff was an Ambassador in England in 1991. Shortly after, our school in London is closed due to lack of funds by the Bulgarian state. Mr. Stancioff makes the decision that he will reopen it with his own means and for a while, the school is supported by him entirely. The Bulgarian school in London is the biggest school abroad with 240 children between 4 and 18 years.

“There is no other school that carries the name of an alive patron!”- said Snezhina Mecheva – principal of the Bulgarian school in London. She has been working there since 1989 as teacher in Bulgarian language and literature.“

“If it wasn’t for Ivan Stancioff there might not have been a single Bulgarian school abroad to this moment. One of the first things he began while he was an Ambassador, was to create a school because he knew what it is like to live as an immigrant and to not be able to preserve your language. Ivan Stancioff wanted all Bulgarians who are living in England to not go through his difficult experience of preserving their language, identity and nationality”, Snezhina Mecheva shared.

“To me, this school is something very important. To me, it is kind of a Paradise in London”, said Ivan Stnacioff at the ceremony.

At the ball were present guests from Bulgaria and England. Among them was our Ambassador Konstantine Dimitrov, the CEO of Bulgarian City Club John Brisby and one of the sons of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – Kyril.

For the good mood of the party took care Poli Genova and the LaTiDa trio. Part of the program was also the Bulgarian London choir with 42 singers from different nationalities who entertained the guests with their folk performance.

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