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Borislava Cherkezova is Leaving the Position of Executive Director of Karin Dom. Thank You and Good Luck!

9 April 2024

Years pass imperceptibly, but the moments shared, the goals achieved and the satisfaction from the journey remain. 3 years ago Borislava Cherkezova took on the challenge of taking over the leadership and being the driving force behind the changes and growth of Karin Dom.

“I took on the responsibility with the clear understanding that the changes that could take Karin Dom, the team and the services for children and families to the next level were important to me and with the clear understanding that I could support the team with knowledge and ideas from business and entrepreneurship, strategy and authentic communication to make that growth happen.  

I took over with the clear awareness that the key to success was to engage the team, the circle of partners and the community with the opportunities of the new complex and its potential.  

Today, with satisfaction and with a lot of emotion, I share that the organization and the team have grown in terms of knowledge, services, supported children and innovations, and I accept the next professional challenge outside Karin Dom, related to change management and engagement of teams and people, as well as completion of my dissertation. It was a huge responsibility and an honor for me as a professional and as a citizen to be a part of the history of the organization at this moment!”

And the recap of what was achieved together with the team, the management board and like-minded people is more than impressive:

  • We built a unique modern therapeutic, health and educational complex for children with special needs and their parents and completed a large-scale investment project for a civil organization with a budget from 2016 with many opportunities for children
  • We filled this unique space with content. We expanded services around children and the families – we launched new services such as: adapted swimming, baby bath, early assessment and diagnosis of child development
  • We reached and supported 52% more children in the past year alone by expanding the work of our team in small towns
  • We did not stand idly by and supported 525 Ukrainian children and their parents in 2022
  • We invested in the team in parallel with modern equipment and built aquatic rehabilitation teams, a certified Bobat team, a team of psychologists for early diagnosis
  • We started the digitization of our internal processes and information about supported children and services provided
  • We continued to train specialists from the educational and social system
  • We launched Karin Dom’s Trainee Academy to involve future specialists in our work model and especially early support for children and families
  • We established the Karin Dom Children’s Fund to ensure long-term support for children and sustainability of services after project activity ends
  • We were actively present in many working groups for changing children’s policies at the local and national level.

“But the most valuable success for me is that, together with the team, we did not give up looking for opportunities despite the unstable economic and political environment and had the courage to learn and be innovators.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who trusted me and together we worked and looked for the best for Karin Dom! I will continue to support Karin Dom in another form, but before that we have an important task, together with the Board of Directors, to choose the next leader who has the necessary charge, professionalism and vision to continue and build on it!”

Thank you, Bobi – for the energy, enthusiasm, innovative ideas and shared moments! It was a pleasure to work together and a great satisfaction to achieve so much success together!

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