» Specialists from Bulgaria passed an introductory Bobath course at Karin Dom

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Specialists from Bulgaria passed an introductory Bobath course at Karin Dom

11 June 2015

In the period 8-10th of June, Karin Dom, Varna, held an introductory course on the Bobath Concept for children with cerebral palsy.

Jillian Stern from Britain, President of the European Bobath Tutors Association, led a training for 30 professionals from Varna and the country.

Jill is a senior Bobath trainer and she has been following Karin Dom’s work for years. She says that are a very successful example for working with children with special needs and it is wonderful that we distribute our experience and good practice among other professionals in Bulgaria, by organizing trainings.

The training passed with a series of lectures, demonstration and practical sessions on the topics of: Introduction of Cerebral Palsy and the Bobath Concept, Basic Problems of Spastic Hypertone, Basic Problems of Children with Athetosis, the Importance of Communication and Play, Applying the Knowledge about Child Development in the Therapy of Children with CP. The participants received knowledge on the heterogeneous character of cerebral palsy, they deepened their knowledge on different kinds of cerebral palsy, developed analytical skills for observation that helped them choose and apply suitable therapeutic interventions and practiced specialized therapeutic techniques that can be used on children with cerebral palsy.

The general opinion of the participants is that what they have learned will be useful in their practice and they were most impressed by the demonstrations with children and the practical exercise. “Jill is very opened and sharing, with a great teaching approach – comprehensible, light and with no pressure.” The preparation and organization by Karin Dom were also very impressive and all participants expressed the wish to take part in the next advanced training session – 8 weeks Bobath course at Karin Dom.

Here at Karin Dom, we have always valued the wishes and emotions of the child during the different therapeutic sessions. Jill Stern praised our professionals that unite successfully different kinds of therapy with the child’s emotions.

The Bobath Concept is a s a broad and ever-evolving approach in neurological rehabilitation that is applied in patient assessment and treatment such as with adults after stroke or children with cerebral palsy. The goal of applying the Bobath concept is to promote motor learning for efficient motor control in various environments, thereby improving participation and function. This is done through specific patient handling skills to guide patients through initiation and completion of intended tasks. This approach to neurological rehabilitation is multidisciplinary, primarily involving physiotherapists, but may also include occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

The concept and its international tutors / instructors, have embraced neuroscience and the developments in understanding motor control, motor learning, neuroplasticity and human movement science.

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