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Karin Dom’s Team Completed a Certified Bobat Course for Cerebral Palsy Therapy for Children

19 June 2023

For the first time in Bulgaria, a basic training course for children on the Bobat neurodevelopmental approach for the treatment of cerebral palsy and related neurological conditions was organized at Karin Dom, 280 hours over 8 months, with the leading teaching team of the Belgian Bobat Association. The course was successfully completed by 9 of our specialists, which is a great success and a step forward in the therapy of children with cerebral palsy.

We are happy and proud that we were able to organize this course to give our therapists the most solid foundation of knowledge, skills and confidence to apply the method for the benefit of children and families.

The course is certified by the European Bobat Tutors Association (EBTA). It was attended by 22 specialists – a doctor of physical and rehabilitation medicine, kinesitherapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists from all over Bulgaria.

Bobat therapy is a family-centered approach.

Detailed observation and assessment of the child’s movements, play, communication, eating, drinking and self-care are made when planning therapy. The child’s interests and preferences are taken into account so that the child is motivated to participate and the therapy is enjoyable. Discussions with the family are held and their concerns and what they would like to achieve for the child are considered. The goals of the therapeutic intervention are determined together with the family. Physiotherapists, speech and occupational therapists work together in the same therapy session to address the complex difficulties that children with cerebral palsy often have. Therefore, it is important that they have a common understanding and view of the child, as well as agreed goals to work towards.

Bobat is a basic concept that underpins the therapeutic work of Karin Dom, which is in line with our core principles – teamwork, holistic approach to the child, parental involvement and building skills for independent living.

The concept has been applied at Karin Dom since the organisation’s therapeutic work began in 1997 and was introduced to the team of British Children’s Bobat Therapists. The Bobat concept is among the most popular and widely used approaches by therapists working with children with cerebral palsy and similar neurological disorders. It originated and was developed in the 1940s and early 1950s by the family of Bertha and Carl Bobat. The concept is based on the brain’s ability to adapt to change and to reorganize and recover after neurological damage.

The Bobat concept of neurodevelopmental therapy offers a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary approach of assessment, therapy and comprehensive care for any individual with limited abilities, due to impairment in motor (including tone and movement patterns), sensory, proprioceptive and thought functions, as a result of CNS damage, to participate fully in activities of daily living.

  • The Bobat concept is clinically based with a focus on typical development;
  • It is based on clinical observations relevant to its time i.e. evolved;
  • Covers the ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘why’ including past, present and future development of the child;
  • It is a transdisciplinary approach involving physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physicians, orthotists;
  • The goal is to build function for life through preparation, training and repetition;
  • Highly individualized – it is a way of thinking, analyzing and problem solving that looks forward to the future.

Thank you to our wonderful translator and friend Nina Martinova for translating throughout the entire training!

Thank you to all the donors and partners who helped fund this extremely valuable course for us and the children we support!

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